Indigenous Peoples of Genizaro Ancestry


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This survey will help assess what you consider important in addressing the issues of Genizaro descendants in New Mexico and surrounding areas. It will help finalize bylaws and a constitution for the organization aimed to serve its members and establish the means necessary to govern the organization effectively and thoughtfully. 
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"In all the Spanish towns of New Mexico there exists a class of Indians called genizaros. These are made up of captive Comanches, Apaches, etc. who were taken as youngsters and raised among us, and who have married in the province…They are forced to live among the Spaniards, without lands or other means to subsist except the bow and arrow which serves them when they go into the back country to hunt deer for food…They are fine soldiers, very warlike…"

Juan Agustin Morfi, 1778 - Missionary, Teacher, Historian

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